Holy Family CYO Basketball

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Holy Family CYO

Code of Conduct Policy & Procedures


We are very proud of the experience our CYO program and coaches offer to the more than 200 kids who play for Holy Family. We are equally proud of the reputation we enjoy across the Westchester/Putnam League. Our goal is to provide the right combination of quality basketball, sportsmanship and fun.

Our coaches are experienced and our teams are competitive…we keep score, we want to win and make the playoffs. At the same time, Holy Family is part of a CYO league…we are NOT a school or AAU team. We try to strike the right balance of being competitive, while having all of our kids to play and have fun.

We want everyone in the Holy Family program - players, coaches and families - to have a rewarding experience. To ensure we all have a fun and exciting season, we want to outline the following expectations: all parents need to be good citizens, and help support the Holy Family program.


1) Good Citizenship

Holy Family has enjoyed a positive reputation throughout the WPCYO League. The actions of everyone associated with Holy Family reflect on our entire program. Let’s all keep in mind that CYO stands for Catholic Youth Organization, and everyone in our program should act accordingly. We expect all players, coaches and fans to be good citizens at all times, including games and practices, by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Be respectful of your coaches – they are volunteers, spending a lot of hours to benefit your child.
  • Be considerate of all other players – support everyone on your team.
  • Be committed – make every effort to get your child to games and practices, and be on time.
  • Be a good sport – cheer for your child and team, and respect the other team and players.
  • Be a good fan – do not jeer or confront the other team, referees or league officials, under any circumstances.
  • Be appropriate – do not use foul language, or act abusively, at any time.
  • Be a role model – congratulate the other team, win or lose.
  • Be a good volunteer - team scorekeepers are considered part of game management, supporting the referees, and are expected to remain neutral; no cheering from the scorer’s table.

We understand emotions can run high during competition, but at the same time we expect everyone to maintain their composure and act appropriately…remember, your kids are watching. If you have an issue, address it first with your coach; and if it can’t be resolved, you can bring it to our CYO Board.


Parents and players are not permitted to confront referees, league officials or opposing players, coaches and fans, at any time. Foul language and abusive behavior will not be tolerated.


  • Any violation of these rules will result in an immediate warning.
  • Any violation of the foul language and abusive behavior rules will result in a one-game suspension, at team’s next home game.
  • A second infraction will result in a three-game suspension.
  • A third incident will result in a ban from the program.
  • A coach who is thrown out of a game will be suspended from the team’s next game.
  • A parent who is thrown out of a game will be suspended from the team’s next home game.


2) Support the Holy Family Program

CYO is a community and Parish program, and registering your child means you are committing to being an active member of the Holy Family CYO community and to supporting the program. We want parents who want to do more than drop their kids off in the gym…we need you to be a part of the program. There are a number of ways for you to help support the Holy Family program:


  • Be a team parent and/or Snack Bar coordinator.
  • Offer to help your coaches, by making calls, organizing schedules, etc.
  • Be an active participant at our Snack Bar any time your child’s team is on duty – we’re asking you to commit a few hours a season, with the proceeds going to benefit your child.
  • Volunteer to help with one of our CYO committees – Registration, Social Media.
  • Volunteer at one of our CYO events and fundraisers – Holiday Tournament, Sweatshirt Sales.
  • Make a product donation to the program.
  • Make a financial donation to the program; find out if your company has a giving program.


It takes a lot of time, effort and volunteer hours to manage a program the size of Holy Family CYO basketball. We know the coaches are already putting in a lot of time, so we really need our parents to help support the program. Remember, all of your contributions benefit your child.

Thanks for your support, and if everyone follows the above guidelines, we will continue to have a great program.